Kingdom Work Productions

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak and not lie” 

Habakkuk 2:3

Mission Statement

Kingdom Work Productions began as a vision the Lord placed within me, and is dedicated to providing inspirational, life changing entertainment underlined with positive Christian themes for the world to enjoy. What we do is not just entertainment at Kingdom Work Productions … it is ministry.

Our Next Show

November 16, 2019

“Measure of A Man ?”

Written, Directed & Produced by Catherine Gore

Measure Of A Man

Is it ever too late to make things right? What happens when fathers don’t spend quality time with their children? What happens when they are not around to teach their sons or affirm their daughters? In this new stage play from Kingdom Work Productions you’ll soon find out. 

Plot Overview: Measure of a Man follows the stories of a unique group of characters.   Kyle is a successful businessman who’s forced to come to terms with the fact that all the success in the world cannot fill the void of the one relationship in his life that never had the chance to develop…the relationship with his father Walter. Can it be fixed? Wade is a hardworking construction worker unable to make ends meet. Pressure from his wife and fear of not being able to provide properly for his family brings out the one thing inside of him that he’s been afraid he inherited from his father…rage. Can he break the cycle? Rarely…a man with a past, soon comes face to face with a reflection of that past. Can he help the troubled Ishmael escape the same fate he himself had to endure 30 years before? All things are possible…but someone’s got to take the first step. How is a good man measured? The answer may surprise you.

From Our Last Show

Kingdom Work Productions offers a variety of full length professional productions.  From Black History…to marriage, the themes of our shows encompass an array of topics that will teach, make you laugh, cry, think and give you HOPE. Our staff and talented group of actors are committed to bringing out the message of each show in such a way that there is no mistaking it, and you come away…better.In addition to our shows, we also offer a series of inspirational books, t-shirts and music.  Our “Vessel T-shirt” line is designed exclusively by Kingdom Work Productions and provides unique and trendy shirts mixed with clever catch phrases and uplifting messages sure to make you feel good as you wear them!

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