Kingdom Work Production


“From Chains…to Change” is an educational production highlighting the history of African Americans.  It takes you on a journey through time in African American history beginning with the days of slavery (From chains) right up to present day, with the election of the country’s first African American President Barack Obama (…to change).  It also highlights the many achievements and contributions that African Americans have made to society, without which we could not function today!

Measure Of A Man

Is it ever too late to make things right? What happens when fathers don’t spend quality time with their children? What happens when they are not around to teach their sons or affirm their daughters? In this new stage play from Kingdom Work Productions you’ll soon find out. 

Plot Overview:

Measure of a Man follows the stories of a unique group of characters.  

Kyle is a successful businessman who’s forced to come to terms with the fact that all the success in the world cannot fill the void of the one relationship in his life that never had the chance to develop…the relationship with his father Walter. Can it be fixed? Wade is a hardworking construction worker unable to make ends meet. Pressure from his wife and fear of not being able to provide properly for his family brings out the one thing inside of him that he’s been afraid he inherited from his father…rage. Can he break the cycle? Rarely…a man with a past, soon comes face to face with a reflection of that past. Can he help the troubled Ishmael escape the same fate he himself had to endure 30 years before? All things are possible…but someone’s got to take the first step. How is a good man measured? The answer may surprise you.

Marriage…the Musical 

“Marriage…the Musical” is the second original stage play and the first musical from Kingdom Work Productions.   

Plot Overview:

Marriage is about love and compromise, it’s a give and take.  But how much can Michael Crawford take from his soon to be in–laws who give him nothing but a hard time from the start? Michael Crawford comes from a strong and loving family.  A gifted and hard working Top Chef, Michael has found the love of his life in Sydney Grant.  Sydney and Michael want to share the good news of their engagement with her entire family at the weekend gathering but there’s only one problem…her mother!   A well–to–do divorcee, Dina Grant only wants the best for her daughter but a man who cooks other people’s food is anything but the best. Her disapproval of Chef Michael is quickly overshadowed by her disgust for her ex – husband, Robert, who walked out on her and 20 years later wants to walk Sydney down the aisle…not if Dina has her way!  For the past year, Michael and Sydney have been inseparable, but will all the arguing and fighting tear them apart? Marriage…the Musical is a full length gospel production that includes a full cast of characters and seven original songs and music.

The Order of Love

 “The Order of Love” is the first original stage play from Kingdom Work Productions.  It debuted in July of 2007, and still running! Plot Overview:After 11 years, Eric and Erica Jones’ marriage is in trouble.  Erica, feeling abandoned and unappreciated, has asked her hard-working and unsaved husband for a divorce.  Desperate to save their marriage, the couple seeks counseling from a veteran couple, while their child turns to God for an answer to “why do my mommy and daddy have to fight?”  Natasha is a single woman who shamelessly wants to get married. In her desperation, she is looking for love in all the wrong places. Through the advice of a friend named Allen, things eventually turn around for her once her focus is turned toward God.                       

Jerome is an immature Christian who doesn’t “walk the walk”. Confident in his “game”, he thinks “he’s in good with Natasha”, but when she discovers that among his many flaws “he ain’t got no job” things don’t look too good.  Nichole bitter and hurt agrees to go on a date with Byron. Seeing through her attitude Byron tries to help her realize that there are still a few good, Godly men left.  Bee is a content single and successful attorney who “for the fun of it, goes shopping in Paris”. Faced with her friends’ relationship woes, Bee wonders “Now that Erica’s marriage is over, shouldn’t I get my wedding gift back?” You will laugh and you will cry but the message is constant: Jesus is the foundation of real love and happiness.